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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is WisdomSerum?

    WisdomSerum is an online community of academic experts that provide one-on-one assignment help services, across all subjects, to students at the University, College and High School levels. We are focused on high-quality, well-researched, plagiarism-free, authentic content. Our Academic Experts are all native English writers with at least Master’s degrees, certified from the top universities in the world. They go through our rigorous application and screening process before being accepted in our community. As one of leading startups in this field, we aim at helping you through difficult assignments, and take your worries away. Whether you need an essay, term paper, coursework, case study, dissertation, or PowerPoint presentation, or any other help with your assignments, our experienced team of Academic Experts is always ready to help you. If you're struggling with any topic within any subject, chances are you'll find help at WisdomSerum.

  • How does it work?

    Registered students create posts with assignments that they need help with and assign a 'Credit value' and 'Deadline'. The Credit value is the number of Credits that the student is willing to pay for a detailed response from one of our qualified Academic Experts. Each Posting may be valued anywhere up to a maximum of 25 Credits. This is to ensure that our services remain affordable for all students and not just those that are able to "out bid" their peers. The student must have enough Custom Credits in the account to cover the cost of the posting. However, these credits will not be removed from the student's account until the response is picked.

    When Academic Experts log onto the system and view the postings, they will assess the complexity of each posting and weigh it against the assigned Credit value and Deadline. Each Academic Expert will independently decide whether the bid amount is appropriate and then decide whether or not to assist the student.

    Click Here for more details.

  • Can I use WisdomSerum if I'm not in North America?

    Absolutely. WisdomSerum can be accessed from any computer that has an Internet connection, at any time of the day. You can use it whenever you need it, wherever you live, even when you're travelling.

  • Is there a membership fees?

    Creating an account is absolutely FREE! There is no membership fees either!

  • Payments & Credits

  • What are credits?

    Credits are used to create assignments and pickup up responses. You may purchase any number of Credits. They will be stored perpetually in your account until you choose to use them. The credit value of each assignment is set by you, giving you full control of how much you pay.

  • How do I buy credits?

    WisdomSerum uses BrainTree (a Paypal Service) to facilitate payments to buy Credits. Through BrainTree, you can use PayPal, Visa©, MasterCard©, American Express© and Discover© credit cards, or transfer funds directly from your PayPal account to WisdomSerum. You do not need an account with BrainTree to make payments on WisdomSerum.

  • How secure is your payment gateway?

    We use Braintree to process credit card payments. Braintree, a PayPal service, is one of the premier payment processors offering the highest level of security possible as a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider.

    When you enter your card details, your credit card information is encrypted in-browser using 128-bit SSL encryption and securely transmitted directly from your browser to Braintree's servers for processing; these security standards are comparable to those used by banking websites. Braintree provides us an opaque token that is connected to your credit card. When you make a payment on WisdomSerum with your card, we send this token to Braintree and ask them to charge your card. This is completed electronically within seconds, and Braintree never passes the credit card information along to WisdomSerum. We never see or store the payment details you use to make purchases on our website.

    To learn more about our secure payments, click the button below:

  • About Solutions

  • What will the solution look like?

    All answers provide step-by-step explanations to the problem listed. Depending on the nature of the question, answers will consist of in-depth writing, attached documentation, additional references, extra sources of information, pictures and anything the expert preparing the answer thought relevant.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with the solution?

    We guarantee that the work done by our experts will be up to your satisfaction. Credits won't leave your account till you pick up the solution. If you are not satisfied with the help provided, you can file a dispute and request a full refund of your payment by clicking on the little flask icon next to your solution in 'Assignment Center'!

  • How long can I access my solution for?

    You will have access to all your past assignments and solutions for as long as you wish to use the service.

  • Is this considered cheating?

    WisdomSerum is a great learning resource when used in the right way. We strictly condemn plagiarism and academic dishonesty. WisdomSerum's mission is not to ask others to complete your work for you but to help you overcome the obstacles that you face while completing your work. For instance, you might want to get your essay edited by a professional or you may need detailed solutions to a sample exam that was provided to you by your instructor before the actual exam. Such answers can be used for your own benefit in preparing for the actual exam.

    Some students choose to use the solutions provided as a learning aid whereas some literally use them as homework solutions, which we strongly discourage. In such a case, it is not the resource that is inherently wrong but in fact it is the wrong use of the resource which is wrong. It is up to you to use WisdomSerum responsibly.

  • Can I hand my answer in?

    No. The answers available here are meant for assistance and the understanding of challenging academic topics. Instead, use the solution alongside your own work and watch your knowledge and grades soar!

  • What happens if my Posting isn't addressed by the deadline?

    Though our Experts make every effort to address questions before the deadline is reached there are some cases when a Posting may not be addressed before the deadline you have set. If this happens, the Posting will be suspended by our system. This ensures that you don't receive a response you no longer need. You can Edit your Posting and change the deadline at any time within 2 hours of it passing, but after that, the Posting will be deleted by our system.

  • Why am I having trouble receiving a response to my Posting?

    Some common reasons that Experts might not respond to your Posting are:

    • Have you explained what it is you're looking for? Remember our Experts do not complete assignments for you, so please be specific about what is troubling you about the assignment.

    • Is your Posting too big? If too many questions are included, it might dissuade Experts from wanting to help you. Dividing the group of questions into smaller chunks is likely to work better.

    • Have you received any feedback? An Expert will explain to you why they have chosen to return your Posting.

    • Is your Posting in the right subject area? If your question is mislabelled, then the Experts reviewing it will not be able to answer your questions.

    • Is your credit bid fair? Bidding fairly will definitely get your post answered.

  • Our Academic Experts

  • How does WisdomSerum verify that every member of the community has graduate-level status?

    All of our Academic Experts are carefully screened and monitored to ensure that each is studying at the graduate level at an accredited university institution or has graduated with a masters or doctorate degree.

    Before being activated on the system, each Academic Expert candidate must submit copies of their degrees as proof of academic credentials. Additionally, we often confirm credentials with the university institutions. All submitted contact information is also checked for accuracy.

  • What are graduate-level professionals?

    We consider graduate-level professionals to be those members of our community who have attained a graduate degree and are now working in their chosen field of expertise professionally. These Academic Experts often apply their "real world" experience when assisting students leading to unique insight for students enclosed within smaller scholastic communities.

  • What policies are in place to ensure that WisdomSerum Academic Experts uphold academic ethics?

    Online learning, as one of the most important alternative learning approaches, has come under heavy fire with regards to ethical dissemination of knowledge. The issue of plagiarism has become a major obstacle for online learning and has led some people to undervalue the credentials of online learners. The underlying theme of online education has been distorted and misrepresented too frequently. In the face of this situation, our challenge is to identify and embrace ethical practices and models across the complete spectrum of our services and programs.
    WisdomSerum is a self-aware, dynamic community of ethical and qualified Academic Experts who believe in the common objective of creating information by sharing it. Besides possessing specialized scholarly expertise, our Academic Experts are equipped with a strong awareness of the issues surrounding the process of sharing this knowledge. Therefore, they make conscious efforts to circumvent the possibility of promoting unethical learning. They whole-heartedly nurture the educational experience of students but not without taking precautions. Knowledge is valuable but only if it is untainted. The members of our community must have a common trait - they should all believe in fairness to the owners of original work and take the responsibility to do independent work. Academic Experts help a great deal in limiting such morally-incorrect practices by informing students appropriately about plagiarism and how to cite and acknowledge other people's work correctly.

  • WisdomSerum Rewards Program

  • How do I join WisdomSerum Rewards Program?

    When you create an account on WisdomSerum, you are automatically registered for the WisdomSerum Rewards Program and start earning Stars.

  • What are Stars and how do I earn them?

    A Star is a way to keep track of your progress towards Rewards and benefits earned as a member of the WisdomSerum Rewards program. There are a number of ways to earn Stars:

    • Joining Bonus
      When you create an account on WisdomSerum, you automatically get enrolled in the Rewards program, and are awarded a Joining Bonus Stars. The number of Joining Bonus Stars offered varies by your invitation, or the offer active at the time you enrolled.
    • Pick up solution for your Assignment
      You earn Stars each time you pick up solution for an assignment.
    • Provide Expert Feedback
      You earn Stars for leaving feedback of the Academic Expert.
    • Report a Message
      If you receive a message that violates our Terms of Service (for e.g. a message from an Academic Expert asking for your personal email address, etc.), you can easily report it to us by clicking on the little flask icon next to the message. If your report is valid, you will be awarded bonus Stars for your report.
    • Redeem Star Codes
      You can earn Bonus Stars through personalized offers. Be sure to opt into email to receive these offers. The number of Bonus Stars offered varies by offer.
  • How long does it take for my Stars to appear?

    Stars may take upto an hour to reflect in your account. If your Star balance doesn’t seem right in the 'Stars Transactions History' in your account online, please contact us and we'll look into it.

  • What are my benefits as a WisdomSerum Rewards member?

    Your benefits as a WisdomSerum Rewards member vary based on your membership level:

    • Bronze Level
      Upon joining, you are at the Bronze Level of the WisdomSerum Rewards program and you will be able to start collecting Stars. You can check your Star balance online through your WisdomSerum account.
    • Silver Level
      Once you have earned 100 Stars in 12 months, you will achieve Silver status, which consists of the following benefits:

      - All Bronze Level benefits.
      - Redeem Stars for Rewards.
      - Special member offers by email. Be sure to not opt-out of emails from WisdomSerum to receive these special offers.
    • Gold Level
      Once you have earned 500 Stars in 12 months, you will achieve Gold status, which consists of the following benefits:

      - All Silver Level benefits.
      - All your posted assignments are highlighted in the assignment pool to show your Gold Level.
      - Priority Customer Support.
      - Double-Star Days: A day when you can earn Double-Stars on everything.
      - Access to exclusive offers and events just for Gold members.
    • Diamond Level
      Once you have earned 2000 Stars in 12 months, you will achieve Diamond status, which consists of the following benefits:

      - All Gold Level benefits.
      - All your posted assignments will appear at the top of the assignment pool, irrespective of the filters and sorting order.
      - More Double-Star Days.
      - Personal account manager.
      - Access to exclusive offers and events just for Diamond members.
  • Will my WisdomSerum Rewards level reset each year?

    To maintain the your membership level, you must earn at least the minimum-qualifying new Stars during each consecutive 12-month period following the date you reached the level. If you do not earn minimum-qualifying new Stars in 12 months, your membership level will be reset based on the number of new Stars you earned in the 12-month period following the date you reached the level. The minimum-qualifying Stars for maintaining your membership are defined as described below:

    • Silver Level: 100 minimum-qualifying new Stars.
    • Gold Level: 500 minimum-qualifying new Stars.
    • Diamond Level: 2000 minimum-qualifying new Stars.

    If you do not earn minimum-qualifying new Stars for your current level in the past 12 months, you will return to the level as described below:

    • If you've earned 2000 or more new Stars in the past 12 months, your Level will be set to Diamond.
    • If you've earned 500 or more new Stars in the past 12 months, your Level will be set to Gold.
    • If you've earned 100 or more new Stars in the past 12 months, your Level will be set to Silver.
    • If you've earned less than 100 new Stars in the past 12 months, your Level will be set to Bronze.
  • Can I track my progress in the program and see how many Stars I have until I reach the next level?

    Yes. When you log into your account, you will be able to see how many Stars you've earned, how many Stars you need to earn to reach the next level, all available rewards on your account, and your Stars History.

  • How do I maintain my membership level status?

    Once you qualify for a new membership level, you will be at that level for at least 12 months from the date you qualified, unless you reach a higher membership level within that period. Earn minimum-qualifying additional Stars before your level anniversary date and you will continue to enjoy the benefits of your membership level for another year.

  • What can I redeem my Stars for?

    You can redeem your Stars for Credits. More Stars you redeem at a time, more value you receive for them in terms of Credits awarded.

  • Do my Stars expire?

    No, once you earn Stars, they never expire and stay in your account until redeemed for Credits.

  • Miscellaneous

  • Is this completely confidential?

    We keep all of your information private and all solutions are completely unique. Your order is invisible for search engines to see, so there is no way to track your order to our website. You can discuss your assignment on a no-name basis and feel safe and secure using our services. It’s in our best interests, as a business, to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

  • How does WisdomSerum ensure my privacy?

    Your privacy is very important for us. For your protection, we've built security measures from the ground up. WisdomSerum anonymously and safely connects you to Academic Experts who want to help you with your assignments. Your email-address is never revealed because WisdomSerum initiates all conversations between you and your Academic Expert. Your name is however shared with the experts when you post an assignment for help.

Still have questions? Please contact us at support@wisdomserum.com.